2023 June 26
The Mysterious Case of the Mischievous Rabbit
story by Ivan Meme
As we settled in to watch Harry Potter Volume 5 on a Saturday night, little did we know that our evening was about to take an unexpected turn. Anna decided to let the rabbit out of its cage for a brief stretch, but when it began harassing Ivan's shoes, she promptly returned it to its enclosure. Glancing at her watch, she noted the time: 9:23 PM.

Later, a dispute arose over where the dogs would sleep. Eventually, both Cora and Luna were allowed to share the bed. Luna, being particularly dependent, couldn't bear to be alone, and it seemed unfair to leave Cora on her own.

During the night, Anna was awakened by persistent barking from Cora downstairs. The relentless barking continued, prompting Anna to investigate and bring Cora back to the room. Glancing at the time once again, she saw that it was 5:05 AM.

At 6:30 AM, Ivan descended the stairs and was taken aback by an unusual sight—numerous rabbit droppings scattered around. It was perplexing because the rabbit had undoubtedly been safely confined in its cage. Ivan approached the cage, confirming that it was securely locked and cloaked in darkness, hiding the mischievous rabbit in its back corner.

But then, in a matter of moments, Ivan spotted the rabbit sitting on the floor outside the cage, seemingly grinning mischievously at him. The question loomed before him: How was this possible?

Perplexed, Ivan inspected the cage once more.

It remained locked.

How could the rabbit have escaped the cage and locked the door behind itself? Was it a magical creature playing tricks on us?

After an intense discussion with Anna, an idea began to form.

Do you dare to join me in unraveling this perplexing enigma?